The Zelos Abyss III

The first Abyss was launched in 2015, after a massively successful crowdfunding campaign. The second Abyss was launched in 2018, featuring updates and improvements including a second time zone function. Now, the Abyss 3 has arrived.

At its depth rating of 3,000m, where the pressure measures an overwhelming 4,300 pounds per square inch, the Zelos Abyss 3 was built to not just survive, but thrive in the crushing pressure. Solidly built, every inch of this watch exudes a calm strength and resolution. Whether it’s at your desk or on a dive trip, this beast of a watch has your back.


The date window at 6 o’clock provides both functionality and form in symmetry, encased in a matching bronze or steel trim. Date wheels are color matched to the dials as well. The turbine sub-dial at 6 o’clock pays homage to submarine propellers, slowly and almost imperceptible rotating in position. Additionally, one of the turbine blades is tipped red, allowing it to also function as a second hand. The applied indices are individually cut, ground, and polished before being applied to the dial, contributing to a sense of depth and dimensionality.

Twin crowns grace this watch case at the 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions, the former being a manual Helium Escape Valve, the latter being the crown that controls the movement. Finally, all the indices, hands, dial, logo, bezel, and even the twin crowns are lumed with Super-LumiNova C3 X1, the brightest lume grade manufactured by Super-LumiNova, making this watch a lume monster.

Simultaneously tough yet refined, the Abyss 3 exudes a meticulousness in detail especially in it’s finishing, with it’s alternating brushed and polished surfaces, deeply notched grips on the bezel, and even the signed, skeletonized buckle made from the same material as the case to match.

Radiating a quiet strength in composure, the Zelos Abyss 3 is here to complete the trilogy.


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Swiss Sellita SW200 & SW260

The Abyss 3 is powered by the workhorse Swiss Sellita SW200 and SW260 movements for the non-turbine and turbine models respectively.The SW200 is self-winding with an oscillating weight providing a 38-hour power reserve.The balance runs at 28,800 vibrations per hour (VPH) and the movement hacks, comprising 26-jeweled bearings.

The SW260 is based off the SW200 model comprising 31-jeweled bearings, similar frequency, power reserve and features small seconds, thus smoothly powering the Abyss 3 turbine second hands.

  • Swiss Made

  • Automatic

  • 26 or 31 jewels

  • Hacking

  • 38-hour power reserve

  • 28,800 VPH

Build Specifications

Following its earlier iterations, the Abyss 3 stays true to its DNA and is built for the extremes. We wanted to push this iteration further than before in its durability
and yet still possess the aesthetic finesse for daily wear. Built in either 316L Stainless Steel or CUSN8 Bronze with alternating brushed and polished finishing,
the metal choices fit both daily wear and deep sea exposure. Ceramic, Bronze and Stainless steel 120-click unidirectional bezel inserts offer both durability and diversity
in the Abyss 3 choices.


Case & Caseback

The Abyss 3 is designed and pressure tested to a 3000m and requires a structure that can withstand the pressure. The case diameter comes in at 43mm with a thickness of 18.5mm. Despite the its heft, we built the Abyss 3 to wear smaller than it specifications suggest, with curved lugs that will fit a small wrist comfortably.

On the caseback is stamped a submarine, whose propelllers inspires our turbine sub-dial feature. Each Abyss 3 bears its production batch and serial number.

  • Case Diameter: 43mm

  • Case Thickness: 18.5mm excluding Crystal

  • Lug Width: 22mm

  • Depth Rating: 3000m

  • Crystal: High Double-domed Sapphire with Inner Anti-Reflective Coating

  • Batch and serial number engraved


Deep Sea Dive Features

Built principally as a saturation dive watch, with a depth rating of 3,000m, the Zelos Abyss 3 comes with essential deep dive features including a 120 Click Unidirectional Bezel with ratcheting safety feature, Manual Helium Escape Valve located at the 2 o'clock case position and all the indices, hands, logo, bezel markings, and even the twin crowns are lumed with Swiss Super-LumiNova C3 X1 for high visibility in low light environments.

For some variants, the bronze bezel is made of the same CUSN8 Marine-Grade Bronze that comprises the case of the watch, made to be used below the surface in saltwater for a lifetime, with virtually zero signs of corrosion at all. For other variants, ceramic bezel inserts made of Zirconium oxide and Stainless Steel bezel inserts have been chosen for their strength and resistance to corrosion.

  • Manual Helium Escape Valve

  • Super-LumiNova C3 X1

  • 120 Click Unidirectional bezel

  • Ceramic/Bronze/SS bezel inserts depending on model

Turbine Sub-Dial

The turbine sub-dial at 6 o'clock found in the SW260 variants is our signature feature in the Zelos Abyss 3 Collection. It pays homage to the rotating turbines of submarine propellers, slowly and almost imperceptibly rotating in position. One of the turbine blades is tipped red, allowing it to function as a seconds hand, marking every passing second.

The Abyss 3 is designed in 5 color variants "Black Sand", "Midnight Blue", "Meteorite", "Teal" and "Hunter Green", in both bronze and steel.

  • Turbine sub-dial with one tipped red as a seconds hand

  • Black Sand - Black Ceramic bezel with Sand textured dial

  • Midnight Blue - Blue Ceramic bezel with Sunburst blue fume dial.

  • Meteorite - Meteorite bezel insert with Meteorite dial

  • Teal - Steel bezel with Teal fume dial

  • Hunter Green - Bronze bezel with Sunburst and fume Green dial

"for reference my wrist is over 7.25"...but the diameter doesnt bother me"
-Bruce Williams

"They are pushing the boundaries on what you can expect from a sub-thousand dollar diver and micro-brand"
- Bruce Williams