Based on the Super Compressor design of the 1960s, the dual crowns and internal bezel of the Helmsman give it a distinct look. With the experience gleaned over the various production runs, the Helmsman 2 has been redesigned from ground up to be a superior timepiece while keeping its predecessor's traits.

The Helmsman 2 was designed to be a diver's watch, while looking perfectly appropriate in a suit or at the office. 300 metres of water resistance is ensured by dual screw down crowns and a double domed sapphire crystal. This is complimented with Swiss BGW9 Superluminova applied generously across the dial, internal bezel and crowns ensuring one of the brightest glows around.





Meteorite is a metal approximately 4.5 billion years old with a striking design unlike any other material. Each and every meteorite dial has a different pattern, otherwise known as the Widmanstatten Patterns. This is formed over millions of years of slow cooling, and cannot be reproduced synthetically. We use material from the Muonionalusta meteorite which is found in Sweden and landed over a million years ago.